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At Merchants Foundation, we are committed to improving lives and strengthening neighborhoods across the country—leaving a lasting impact of hope and well-being in the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Merchants Foundation is a catalyst for expanding opportunity to access quality Housing, Healthcare, and Education.

As a private foundation supported by the Merchants family of companies, we champion the causes important to our stakeholders.

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*Completed by Merchants Bancorp in 2023

Merchants Foundation puts a better life within reach by expanding access to three basic needs:


Housing is a critical social determinant of health as it directly impacts the home environment and stable living conditions.


Access to quality healthcare services including preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment is essential for promoting and maintaining good health.


Education is a powerful social determinant of health that influences an individual’s opportunities, knowledge, and socioeconomic status.

The success stories of those we invest in speak to the depth and breadth of our foundation’s impact.

Kate and Mary picking flowers
Merchants Foundation has generously awarded a grant to the Fields Market Garden in downtown Carmel, Indiana. With this grant, Fields Market Garden will be able to develop and construct a practical greenhouse. This incredible addition will not only help them in their mission of connecting with neighbors and fostering a deeper connection between people and the earth, but it will also enable them to continue making a positive impact on the community even during the colder winter months.
Fields Market Garden
Carmel, Indiana
Mary holding a flower.
Thanks to the grant, Fields Market Garden achieved one of their top priorities, which is to provide meaningful employment opportunities for two residents from the North End looking for future attainable housing. During their personalized pre-leasing meetings, the garden had the pleasure of introducing all residents to their wonderful project, and they were thrilled to discover that two residents expressed interest in the seasonal job posting. The entire process was incredibly positive, as it allowed the garden to assess both their own needs and the skills of the candidates.
Fields Market Garden
Carmel, Indiana
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